About Us

This Book is based on a class I teach called, “How to Get to Heaven, using the Bible”.

 This scope is very large, and there's been lots written on this.

It's a very large subject. And thankfully, I have written and taught this on the backs of others who were Giants. 

None of this is my original material.

Let me just put the way of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:9, 'There is nothing new under the sun'. 

This is based on sermons I have heard and bits and pieces, from books I’ve read. This material is based on a booklet written by Ivan Stewart and Sydney Ellis in 1962 and Ike Hamilton in 1971 added to their work.

This started out as a fundamental Christian class based on the little book these men wrote.

 It's actually the first class I ever taught, when I started teaching from that little book.

I taught this class and kept adding to it. That is how this workbook developed over time.